Let Me Teach You Somethings

Educating my customers about black water and grey water differences. Food cart, RV Pumping, waste.


I know everyone who is an RV owner or food cart owner has had an unpleasant experience with black or grey water, or maybe even both! So, I decided to put together some information to bring you some general knowledge to better take care of your RV and not have an inconvenient situation. 

Black and Grey Water

Let’s start out by defining black and grey water and what the difference between the two is. Black water is wastewater from toilets, this water holds human waste and is unsafe, so it must be kept separately in its own waste tank. Black water must be carefully disposed! Grey water on the other hand, has bacteria but by acquiring the proper permits it can be treated and reused for laundry, toilet flushing and even plants. Grey water comes from the water used in showers and sinks.

Tank Maintenance

 If you want your black water tank and grey water tank to function correctly and do their job right, then you got to do your job right too. It is imperative that you use your tanks properly and not throw harmful chemicals down the drain or toilet. For black water waste tanks, you must use an adequate “base”, this could be as simple as adding plain water to the tank prior to first use; however, for better care and to avoid unpleasant odors you need to use the proper RV holding tank treatment chemicals, you can find this at local stores. For grey water waste tanks, using an adequate waste tank chemical will avoid unpleasant smells and will help with the breakdown of oils or other common waste drained into the grey water holding tank. 

Black Water and Grey Water Disposal


To properly dispose black and grey water, you can call a professional like myself to come take care of the dirty work for you, however, if you are at an RV park then you can find the “Black Water Only” and “Grey Water Only” dump hole and do the job yourself. I recommend you wear rubber gloves at the very least and dump the black water first and grey water last so the grey water can help to flush out the sewer hose. Once both tanks are empty, it is good practice to run some water and proper cleaning chemicals through to flush out any remaining waste and leave your tanks as clean as possible for future use. This will ensure you get the most out of your waste holding tanks and that all the components associated remain working properly for a longer period.

How Often Should You Clean Your Black Water Waste Tank?


Believe it or not, you don’t want to clean your water tank too often or when it is only half way full, doing this will prevent solid waste full breakdown causing it to stay behind at the time to dispose of it. So, the fuller your holding waste tank gets the better it will breakdown solid waste; at the same time, a fuller tank has more water in it to help flush out more solid waste. Leaving solid waste behind can interfere with the tank’s sensors which could cause them to malfunction.

Dos and Don'ts


Use RV toilet paper only because it is design to breakdown quicker. Also, make sure to use the very least amount of toilet paper; the least amount of solid waste in the waste tank the better.

Don’t throw garbage into the toilet because it won’t breakdown and it will cause the sewer drain to clog which will cause a mess.